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Poissa Haize

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Rules of
« : sunnuntai 28 Tammikuu - 2007 - 14:23 »
Dear users of forums.

Couple rules for thread starter and replyer.

coming soon....


Honoured forum users and random visitors.

Tibia Finland staff wishes you welcome. And we hope that everyone of you will think what and how you write on this forum. We do not want to limit your conversations or be in way of your communication. Allthough we want to keep forum clean and delightful for everyone.

Remember list:
1. Think what you write BEFORE you write it.
2. Think what kind of language suits the forums.
3. Think if your reply is worth replying the post.
4. Think and use search button to look for similar posts.
5. If some of the points mentioned above doesn't become filled think again if you should write.

---Remember that the admins and moderators are watching you. Their word is the law and it shall be obeyed.---

If there are any questions etc. feel free to ask.

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